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3i Platform solution for SONY Music

3i Platform solution for SONY Music

3i Platform was chosen as a complete Direct-to-Consumer e-commerce and web-publishing solution for one of the world leading record labels.

Needless to say that Sony Music has a few of its own in-house software systems ranging from SAP to ads placement. During the course of development of the new site for the Label, 3i was faced with the tough task of integrating its Platform with virtually all internal Sony systems. This was necessary to ensure smooth flow of product, media, financial, and marketing data. Everything coming to and from the 3i Platform had to be interwoven into the texture of the rules for corporate data exchange.

3i Entertainment was provided with desired graphics for the site. The following functionality was developed based on 3i Platform set of features and services:

Custom Content Management System:

  • Dedicated artist pages with rich-media content
  • Dynamic home page with polls, featured products and artists, video broadcast, and other elements
  • E-commerce elements on artist pages
  • Integration with ads placement system
  • Integration with internal on-demand audio streaming system
  • Integration with various external content providers and vendors

e-Commerce system:
  • Online store for music and promotional materials
  • Instant store update based on daily product database changes
  • Integration with fulfillment operations for physical goods: warehousing, shipping, reporting
  • Integration with payment solutions; extensive fraud management and tax engine solutions
  • Integration of commercial data with CRM system
  • Placement of Sony Label online store on affiliated sites under various designs

Other functions were developed, such as Fans data collection, extensive reporting functions, and integration with internal CRM system for purchasers and subscribers of the site.

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