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About Us

Why 3iPlatform

1 You get more than software.
Your business systems are absolutely critical to your success. We've made it our mission to be an extension of your business – not just a software provider. Make the choice to do business with us and you'll quickly learn why 3i Platform is the most advanced system for artist and project management.
2 No hardware.
You don't have to install it, you don't have to support it, and best of all you don't have to purchase any hardware. With 3i Platform, you get your own account on a professional grade server with constant back-up, supported by dedicated IT staff. All you need is a web browser – we'll have you up and running in hours.
3 No contract.
We deliver what we claim to, and offer unlimited support and service along the way. For us, contracts just don't make sense. You can cancel your 3i Platform monthly subscription at any time without penalty. With our unlimited, personal customer support, our commitment to service is our contract.
4 Instant updates.
We improve 3i Platform continually, with updates added to your account at no extra cost. We learn from our customers and make everyone benefit from proposed suggestions and additions. Bug fixes are instantaneous – in most cases you'll never know they were there.
5 Peace of mind.
Along with a great artist and project management solution, you get guaranteed up-time, continuous back-ups and secure storage – all at the same high-level standard your bank uses to keep your personal finances secure. You get a team of professionals focused on software, leaving you to focus on management of artist, tours and orchestras.
6 Simplicity.
Far too often, software gets over-developed. You've seen it with your own combination of systems. We keep simplicity, ease of use, and return on input in mind in every development decision we make. That's why 3i Platform works and remained the system of choice for firms of any size – large and small.
7 Proven.
Hundreds of managers log into 3i Platform everyday. We keep information about thousands of artists, tens of thousands of perforances and hundreds of thousands of contacts. Check out our to clients list see why we mean it when we say proven.
8 Dedicated browser-agnostic support.
Users OF 3I platform are both, PC and Mac-based. We support IE, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, iPhone and iPads... you name it, we've got it covered. 3i Platform’s Support will work for you.
9 Committed to small management companies.
Working with artist managers for years, 3i Platform recognizes the unique challenges facing artist management businesses. We developed 3i Platform to meet the specific needs of small artist management firms, and we continue to do so as needs evolve. Our development is based on the feedback of all types of artist and orchestra management companies.
10 Free, unlimited customer support.
The absolute best in the business – and what separates 3i Platform from all the rest...