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Software-as-a-Service provider is someone who only a few years ago was called Application Service Provider (ASP). The essence hasn't changed, really – both definitions mean that users do not have to develop or install anything on their computers. All necessary software is provided as readily available online service via user login.

Our clients decide whether they would like to customize the Platform according to their needs or they can use the Platform "as-is".

For the list of pre-built features and services see The Platform page.


Custom Applications

3i Platform is a product of both, world top-rated software development practices and deep understanding of our user needs. The Platform ever evolves, as it is supposed to be for true Web 2.0 product. In addition to providing a massive set of ready features, the Platform allows deep customization.

We approach every set of needs with maximum attention and flexibility. There is no limit to what can be done in providing a client with a custom solution based on the Platform's readily available "building blocks". Our users decide whether they would like to have a minimal customization, such as individual reports generation, or build a complete private labeled solution transparently running on their website.

Out team provides clients with undivided attention during the planning, design, delivery and testing stages of development to ensure best value to results ratio.

Examples of custom services include:

  • White-labeled data web-publishing
  • Customization of Content Management System
  • Data import/exports from and to various external software
  • Development of custom templates for automatic generation of documents and reports
  • Customization of e-commerce solutions
  • Building of e-commerce affiliates
  • Building of custom media-widgets
For more information about customization services or to discuss your needs please Contact us



Due to its open architecture, 3i Platform allows creating custom solutions, which include all levels of integration: from one-time data import/export to continuous real-time exchange between various applications.

Examples include integration with various accounting and reporting software, SAP system, Amazon S3 cloud computing system, ticketing, and real-time video broadcast applications.

Tell us what your needs are and our specialists will create a solution that will embrace any of desired components into one coherent system.

Case Study: Deep integration for SONY Music


Managed Services

Running business online requires attention. Want to outsource? We know our product inside out and we can lead you in the optimal direction to achieve desired results.

Let us combine our expertise with your needs: email campaigns, data management, e-commerce, digital media storage management, and such. All of this requires enormous time. Chances are that we will spend less time doing these tasks and save you money by letting you concentrate on what you do the best.

Contact us to discuss your needs.


Broadcast and Video

3i Entertainment in connection with its partners offers a complete end-to-end solution, which includes an interface for encoded content, a cloud-based delivery mechanism and a suite of player and professional quality output options integrated with e-commerce and web social tools. A limitless spectrum of broadcast applications includes a few examples below:

Over-the-Top TV

Provide global users with crystal-clear, Full HD video broadcasts using existing broadband ISP connections to a customer premises STB or PC. With our technology you can establish your own broadcast operation without investing in expensive infrastructure central to traditional cable service providers.

Professional Broadcast Services

Our TV/IP is a service that enables Content Providers and TV networks to distribute, broadcast any bit rate including Full HD (1080p/60fps) quality channels to multiple locations globally over IP with perfect quality, with great flexibility and at a fraction of the cost of the existing solutions. Our technology enables networks to extend their reach globally and into markets by bringing the signal to the head ends inception points of any distributor worldwide.


Interact in real time with others across town or around the world. Teleconferencing, telemedicine, gaming, and live auctions are only a few of the possibilities.

Corporate Video

We enable any corporation with content to share that content globally as a private broadcaster. Live or recorded content is securely routed through our system then made available for playback to virtually any size audience, regardless of physical location.

Custom Configurations

While the Video Operating System applications described above address the needs of many businesses, we recognize that clients have varying needs. Contact us and we will work with you to create the solution that fits your job.

To learn how we can deliver your HD content over the Internet with perfect quality or to Request a Demo of the API please Contact Us.