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The Platform

Designed for entertainment and performing arts industries, 3i Platform delivers true WEB 2.0 applications via a wide range of online modules and rich-media solutions. From the artist managers to fans, from the travelling band to online media store, 3i Platform maximizes workflow, taking visibility, productivity and creativity to new levels.

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Talent Management Suite

Very simply: 3i Platform offers the most comprehensive Talent Management Suite on the market.

The Suite is one integrated online system, which provides event calendars, customizable reporting, contacts, documents, sales and finances management tools, among others. It has been designed for agents and managers in the performing arts, entertainment and talent management industries and allows keeping track of every aspect of the business workflow.


Talent, Touring and Events Management

3i Platform provides powerful fully customizable online calendar and event management features. Monthly and yearly views, schedule-at-a-glance, integrated contracts information, instant financial "quick reporting" and calendar views; intuitive interconnectivity between artists, tours, events, statuses, dates, finances and reports. Create your own color representation for events, booking and contract completion statuses; define roles and access level for various system users.


Comprehensive Reporting

Create your own reports and save them as templates for future use. View bookings, events, statuses, availability, participants, professional affiliations, sales and financial data. Enjoy instant sorting and re-grouping. Use built-in up-to-date ForEx and VAT rates for international financial needs. Download results to Excel for further integration with your accounting system.


Document Management

Fully customized automatic document generation: create deals, contracts, invoices, itineraries, schedules or any other documents based on your company templates. Use Document Management system: storage, sharing, PDF conversion and large file transfers features, among others.


Client Relationship Management System

Keep your contacts and sales leads; create email campaigns, use built-in tools to create or upload your marketing campaigns templates, analyze read and rejection rates; keep and analyze communication and email campaign histories. Enjoy ease of creation of targeted marketing campaigns based on geo-locations, social and professional characteristics of your customers and clients. Instantly embed e-Press Kits, audio and video files into your email campaigns. Integrate with personal contact book via our export features.


Content Management System

It is like LEGO – you need certain elements on your site and we provide them to you. Your design or ours. Choose from the "building blocks" such as artist pages, product pages, bios, picture galleries, best sellers, news, catalogs, exclusive offers, video, audio players, widgets and many more. Enjoy ease of control and intuitive user interfaces.


e-Commerce System

The uniqueness of what 3i Platform offers is that you can sell anything on your website – from T-shirts, teddy bears and DVDs to audio and video downloads, all in one shopping session. Enjoy easy integration with warehouses and unlimited digital storage. Sell from your Music, Digital and Merchandise Catalogs. Create distributed widgets. Create stores on affiliated sites. Run sales and offers, create promotions and gratify your best clients. Via integration with leading payment services we provide global credit card processing, fraud protection and tax engine integration. Create extensive sales and customer reports. See top selling products and most profitable customers, export your financial and client data to CSV and Excel files.


Social Media and Fan Management

If you got fans – we got tools. Blogs, widgets, social network, photo, audio and video sharing features. Create Fan clubs. Build your events pages. Create distributed subscriptions. Keep database of fans, their social and e-commerce histories. Create targeted communications, sales and marketing campaigns.



We don't have it all. Some things we provide via integration with our partners, the industry leaders. We seamlessly embed the best products or their elements into our platform and offer a complete solution to you. Take advantage of flexible, robust ticketing solutions for a wide variety of sectors. Whether you need a full box office solution, online ticketing, or a hybrid system customized to your needs, we can provide the answer.


Real-Time Video Broadcasting

Embed Real-Time Broadcasting and video streaming in HDTV quality into your website via integration with our broadcast and video-streaming partners. Create your own broadcasting channel on your website. Turn your stage into HDTV experience for your fans and clients. Transmit your video in real time with super-quality. Applications are unlimited.